For that will have to pay when buying a country house

Looking after the house in an organized cottage, most potential buyers of country real estate economy and business class are guided primarily by price. They did not always imagine that the figure indicated in the advertisement or in the contract is not final.

Buying a suburban real estate – an exciting process. Often, buyers who have decided to purchase “the cottage of their dreams” in a state of emotional recovery and can not objectively assess the importance of certain aspects, especially if at first glance they seem insignificant. However, to calculate the “hidden” costs when buying a cottage in the country still has meaning. In general, they can be divided into two groups. First – expenses related to the site of the village and infrastructure, the second – “infusions” directly into the house, ignored in the initial price.

Why do we pay on site

When buying land mostly in the amount of the contract does not include a number of payments. And while on the background of the price plot or household expenses for the improvement of communication or connection sometimes seem like “small change” in the amount of such waste can significantly increase the initial cost.

Calculate, for example, how to increase the cost of purchasing communications and roads (summing up to the site, improving the coverage, use of parking for guests and so on). This is especially true when it comes to the site without a contract at the lowest price category. There may be charges for:

- Summing up communications to the site and home,

- Obtaining permission to connect and operate,

- Additional electrical power

- Construction of the Congress with intra-roads directly on the site.

In particular, the tie-in gas networks may cost the owner of 150-300 thousand rubles, the organization of the Congress – 30-60 thousand rubles. The cost of additional electrical power can reach up to 40 rubles per 1 kW.

If the contract specifies that “all communication on the border,” it probably means that you have to “fork” in the sidebar to the laying of utilities and communications, construction of fencing the site, and perhaps to organize the input of communications at home. With this formulation, be aware that you have to pay extra for “border crossing” of your site communications to 100 thousand rubles in addition.

Household spending

We should also pay attention to the cost of building a house, because the cost of the project, as a rule, include only the construction and finishing. Additionally, in many cases you have to order and pay for the wiring of communications inside the house, its insulation, the unit of local treatment facilities. For example, heating and water will cost you 50-60 thousand rubles for the home area of ​​150 square meters. Local wastewater treatment plant – about 50 – 120 thousand rubles.

In addition to the “objective” cost in most cases there is a “subjective” add-on. For example, the owner certainly want to improve something in the “base set” of the house or do something there to your liking. In addition, not always in a “beautiful picture”, representing the project at home, it depicts the basic equipment: often in the sample using a more expensive version of the materials or additional “options”.

Such conditional subjective costs can be attributed more expensive interior and exterior home design, landscape design, construction of the fence. As it is expressed in money? Replacing the front door for a good metal can cost 30-40 thousand rubles, and change the “baseline” of roofing on more expensive – about 200 thousand rubles (this is the difference between roofing tiles and soft Ondulin home area of ​​150 square meters). The fence would cost $ 40 thousand rubles for a 10 hectare plot. Exterior finish is homes, on average 4.5-6 rubles per square meter. The upper bracket rates, of course, is rather conventional.

Interior finish at home has no boundaries of excellence and is totally dependent on taste and consistency of the owner. Here, hidden costs may be required for more appropriate for one reason or another windows, stairs, doors, interior partitions, walls and ceilings and so on. Even if some free funds, the owners still try to change some “basic” elements in higher quality, and new expenses are unavoidable.

Each of these options alone is, at first glance, not very expensive, but may eventually coming up quite a decent sum, which will offer “section of over 300 thousand and a house for 600 thousand rubles,” is not cheap.

Announce the entire list, please

In the towns economy class – especially where the plots are sold without a contract – developers often try to create a minimal value proposition for customers who purchased price of the object is most important when they choose a settlement. Price – a simple and intuitive index. However, the buyer must take the trouble to ask why similar options on offer vary in price dramatically. Perhaps the developers did not include any options in the proposal? Also, pay attention to the ad unit. If it contains information only about the price without the quality characteristics of the proposal (distance, location, availability of gas, electricity, water, number of plots, style, etc.) – is a signal to what is necessary to very carefully examine the documents are signed. As the saying goes, the devil – in detail.

In particular, be aware that you have to pay for the removal of construction debris, pay utility bills during the construction period and so on. Sometimes you need to plan or plot to clear it of trees, but usually about developers warned during the talks. If not, and will not hesitate to ask the seller the right question: “What other costs I may be up to the point where I can begin to build here and / or live?”

In addition, you should carefully read the contract and to explore the equipment at home (get ready for the fact that it will not be easy, because the number of positions in this document are usually large). However, this will allow you avoid many surprises. For example, to find out later that the house needs additional insulation, that “the base” has no porch, exterior trim, finish basement, roof covering, or the basic elements that do not look like your favorite picture in the ad.

Counting for the buyer

But is it possible to avoid unexpected costs? As practice shows, bring them to zero is almost impossible, but they can be minimized. Or at least imagine their level.

So before you sign the sales contract, it makes sense to do the following:

- Find out what you are offered under the contract, the options that includes a complete home;

- If you need any additional payments, find out their dimensions in detail;

- Ask about deadlines for making such payments. Otherwise there is a risk that large lump sum payments are too high for your budget;

- Decide what it is you really need to change the “base set” and refrain from subjective options (agree that bringing communications and home insulation objectively more important than individual landscape design);

- Calculate the final cost of the facility;

- Decide on the rationality of purchase;

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